Monday, April 3, 2017

Social Media Real Estate a note for Consumers do not know

There is an explotion of information on Real Estate that is moving the information in a way that creates confusion in many instances might create frustration.

There is not doubt that on today's day and age we can not live without google, fb and all the Real Estate applications as Trulia, Zilow,, and the unknown .....

Thinking on a buyer standpoint, all web information is great information. However there is a lot of more that a buyer must define before searching. Financial capability is the first one to consider, even before addressing geographical area,  property price, style of life, or commute to work.  For some, style of life might weight more than commute to work time, not always possible to achieve if price on geographical area of search are not in tune with financial capabilities.

Thinking on a seller standpoint, first thing to consider is what is the target market of consumer that my property will be desirable to. How does my property compare to other similar in my neighborhood? How I am going to reach that target market what product in market is competing with mine. Yes, my home is a product.

As a Realtor I spend countless hours helping consumers sellers/buyers providing current data to allow them to make intelligent decisions I can only say I find myself thinking what will be the best for you.?

On market that changes daily, I can only provide the current facts, help you getting the most accurate information available and facilitate the negotiation to reach you goal of buying the property where you will find yourself happy, or selling your property to move to the next one on schedule time..

I truly hope that when we become a team,  we can make the process a remarkable experience. May our journey will develop into trust, friendship, and the satisfaction of goals achieved bear referrals for my business to continue to growing.

Yes, your property is a product and for me having your TRUST is an HONOR.

Gladys Salkeld

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Working in the business of Real requires dedication and setting good standards.  Everyone needs a roof over their heads. I have encounter requirements for people with disabilities that vary substantially according to each individual needs. As a Realtor I have had some challenges with clients with physical impairments.

One wants to help and would love the special features to be published on home portals.  I am interested in more information from Governmental Institutions or any other organization that will keep the public and of course my clients informed  to give them more options. Many retirement community Associations rules are set on the demographics or number of residents, however, properties do not offer what is required for the prospective tenant or buyer. Conditioning a property for a resident with disability could be quite costly.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.
Gladys Salkeld
Keller Williams Realty

As I joined the Keller Williams team I want to thank all of you for your continuous support and encouragement. Yes we aim Big.!  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Text while driving I still think they need a stronger law for this, what is happening in the world?

No texting while driving. It’s important to get back to clients quickly, but it’s now illegal to type on any type of device while operating a moving vehicle, though texting while stopped at a red light is still acceptable. The first offense is a $30 fine; additional tickets within five years are a $60 fine and take three points off the offender’s driver’s license.

Florida drivers, however, cannot be stopped for texting while driving. It’s considered a secondary offense, so law enforcement may only stop drivers for another reason, such as speeding.

I received the above information today, I am shocked with such mild law for text and driving,

this is being so irresponsible. What is happening with our Representatives? Are they reading the stats?   How come I I have to pay 138-158 dollars for a red light, caught on camera, to an institution that I do not even know that is regulated, and 30 dollars for using text while driving? !!! is the same or worst lack of responsibility as a  driver.  We need to be focus on the wheel, the road, and signs and other drivers. .This is such a lukewarm law! If I respect my life, and the life of others, I should not be using text, not even in a red light. If the matter is so important get off the road! My life has more value than $30.00 about yours? Gladys Salkeld


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This is a letter I received from the Chairman of The Children Movement of Florida, I am thankful for his efforts. His letter is a wake up call to every one of us,  are we doing enough to protect the future leaders of our beautiful Nation? 
Here is what Dave has to say.... Happy 4th of July!

While we celebrate, let us remember...
Dear Gladys:
I’m a student and reader of history – usually at least a book a week – and my work with The Children’s Movement is built upon what I learn. I believe that a “movement” is about all of us and all children. In my estimation no progress in human history – with the exception of science and medicine -- was achieved with anything less than pushing and shoving. The civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the very birth of our country – none came without people pushing…shoving…insisting (while, yes, trying to be courteous whenever possible).
On this day of celebration of freedom, I look back on the progress that we’ve made (and there has been progress), and find myself sobered by the statistics that tell us how much further we must go:
  • The more than a half-million children in our state without basic health insurance.
  • 38 percent of our public school fourth graders cannot at grade level – and 90 percent of Florida’s children go to public school (and far higher amongst minority children).
  • Almost a quarter of Florida’s children live in the full federal definition of poverty. (How can this be in the richest, most generous country in the world?)
Today, as we celebrate our much-blessed country, let us not forget that nothing is more “American” than our insisting that every child has the chance to succeed in both school and in life.
Dave Lawrence
The Children’s Movement of Florida


Friday, June 29, 2012

Here is an article extracted from National Association of Realtors Publication, find interest the relation to Housing Market with Echo Boomers renting vs buying...are you and Echo-Boomer?
This is something to consider!!
Thank you for visiting my blog! 

Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies released its annual State of the Nation’s Housing report for 2012 and it very closely tracks comments made by NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun earlier this week at a CRE conference on what’s holding back the housing recovery.

The Harvard report, which always does a good job laying out in plain language what’s happening with the market, points to the increasingly strong market fundamentals and says home sales really could see serious improvement this year.
The main weakness is tepid job growth, which Yun talked about as well earlier this week. The overhang of distressed properties is also a continuing problem.
Other issues include the unusually slow pace at which young people today–the Echo Boomers—are leaving their parents’ homes and forming their own households. That’s a big missing link in home sales growth, and it’s certainly related to the weak job picture. Unless young people feel confident about getting a good job, they’re going to remain hesitant to start a new household.
The big beneficiary of the last several years has been the multifamily housing sector. It’s booming. As the report puts it, “the number of renters surged by 5.1 million in the 2000s, the largest decade-long increase in the postwar era.” More rental growth is expected.
It’s in part because of this rental growth that home ownership is poised to improve. The report includes an informative graph (see below) that shows how much more affordable mortgage payments have become relative to rental rates. At some point, renters are going to realize they’re losing money each month they continue to rent.